Annie Sloan Mini Clear Wax 120ml

Annie Sloan and Soft Clear Wax work fantastically together. We generally wax everything we paint for protection and to give a beautiful mellow matt finish. We find thin coats applied with a brush work best for us, but you can use rags or whatever works best for you. Work the wax into the surface a bit like applying hand cream to your skin. You really don’t need a lot. A thin layer of wax, just about enough so you see a slight colour change is enough, then rub off any excess as well. A simple test if you’re unsure is to run your finger across the surface after waxing – if you can see ‘tide’ marks then that’s too much – wipe some off.

You can also mix Clear and Dark Wax together to make your own Mid-Tone Wax, great on bare wood.

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